More than a credit solution; an end-to-end business enablement solution.

Siloes don’t work. Get your most important business functions—Marketing, Sales, Credit and—aligned with BusinessConnect to identify profitable prospects, expedite credit decisions, debt recovery and proactive management of customer portfolios and relationships. And, because BusinessConnect is the only marketing, sales, credit and collections app built natively on Force.com, there’s no learning curve to increased collaboration and better portfolio insights. Using a CRM other than the Force.com® platform? No problem. BusinessConnect integrates with any CRM so you can put this powerful solution to work for your organization too.

BusinessConnect empowers your business to:


Improve prospect segmentation and targeting to acquire more customers according to your credit risk standards;


Improve return on marketing investment;


Automate onboarding of new customers, including one-click credit decisions;


Lower DSO and bad debt expense to improve cash flow;


Improve management visibility via real-time dashboards and reports;

credit report

Identify emerging business opportunities and risks through automated credit risk monitoring of your entire customer portfolio;


Integrate siloed systems and processes for greater operational efficiency;


Increase cross-departmental collaboration for improved onboarding, account management and customer service;

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Facilitate alignment with corporate policies and government regulations.

Brought to you by Equifax, BusinessConnect delivers best-in-class data and analytics to ensure a holistic solution across the customer value chain.
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