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Introducing: Commercial Insight™ Delinquency Score

With unprecedented accuracy, the Commercial Insight™ Delinquency score can predict the likelihood of a business incurring severe delinquency (91 days or greater), charge-off or bankruptcy on financial accounts within the next 12 months. The score utilizes both financial and non-financial payment information in the Equifax commercial database (CFN) as well as public records and firmographics. In addition to the expanded data, Equifax utilizes trended attributes and sophisticated modeling and analytics. Score options, include:
  • Blended Option: This derivative solution also leverages personal credit data on the business principal.  Use of consumer data blended with CFN business data has resulted in a hit rate of 99.5 percent.
  • Configurable Option:  This derivative solution leverages Equifax modeling technology to facilitate real-time input configuration and results optimization based on a client’s specific use case.
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