In life, timing is everything

In marketing, right offer, right customer, right time is the only thing that matters.

Consumer expectations have changed. Empowered with more choices, they are no longer motivated by generic, one-size-fits-all promotions. To stay ahead in today’s highly competitive and saturated market, financial organizations need better tools to help them engage consumers with offers as unique as they are.

A Suite for the Unique: Marketing Direct Suite from Equifax

Targeting the right person, with the right offer, at the right time is always the goal—but is often easier said than done. That’s why we created Marketing Direct Suite.

Empowered with revealing insights about consumer wealth, credit use, risk and other financial behaviors, Marketing Direct Suite enables you to target consumers at the exact moment of impact when prospects are truly in play for a new product, helping to maximize marketing dollars and improve ROI.

And, Marketing Direct Suite not only delivers unprecedented insights into each consumer’s behavior, it also aligns with specific phases of the credit journey—from Segmentation to Acquisition to Management. No matter where your prospects are in their lifecycle, Marketing Direct Suite delivers the actionable insights needed to find your best customers, increase acceptance rates with unique offers, and build long-lasting, loyal relationships.

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See how our Marketing Direct Suite uniquely helps you target, acquire and manage more profitable consumers for optimal portfolio performance and growth.

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Stop Guessing, Start Predicting & Discover the Unique Opportunities with Marketing Direct Suite

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Marketing Direct Suite

Marketing Direct Suite from Equifax delivers robust, deep-dive data on millions of consumers, giving financial organizations the most comprehensive and unique customer and prospect profiles. Backed by behavioral insights, such as trended credit behaviors, Marketing Direct Suite delivers an end-to-end solutions suite to connect directly with consumers at every phase of their lifecycle.


Identify credit-worthy consumers

TargetDirect reveals trajectories of behavioral characteristics of consumers for direct, effective and profitable marketing. Use it to achieve better segmentation of credit-worthy individuals, a deeper understanding of consumer credit buying behaviors and direct insight into how a consumer has used credit over a period of time.


Right customer, right offer, right time…right on

Combining proven direct marketing tools with robust data and analytics, AcquireDirect helps you aquire more profitable consumers based on their past credit behavior like spend and product preference. Use AcquireDirect for better customer engagement, increased acceptance rates and improved marketing campaign ROI.


Drive lifetime value from existing customers

ManageDirect enables you to grow share of wallet with more effective affinity and loyalty programs, in addition to gaining the insights needed to more proactively make the right offers to existing customers. And, with automated and customized portfolio reviews, ManageDirect also helps you better manage risk, helping to increase the lifetime value of your most profitable customers while potentially off-setting delinquencies and charge-offs.

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