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Siloes don’t work. BusinessConnect aligns your sales, marketing, credit and collections departments to expedite decisions and debt recovery and proactively manage customer relationships. Our cloud-based, data-agnostic application enables better collaboration and individual and portfolio level insights. BusinessConnect lets you:

  • Lower DSO and bad debt expense to improve cash flow;
  • Improve management visibility via real-time dashboards and reports;
  • Automate onboarding of new customers, including one-click credit decisions;
  • Identify emerging business opportunities and risks through automated credit risk monitoring of your entire customer portfolio;
  • Integrate siloed systems and processes for greater operational efficiency;
  • Increase cross-departmental collaboration for improved account management and customer service;
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies and government regulations.

BusinessConnect is backed by Equifax, a global leader in commercial information solutions. Equifax assimilates data on more than 81 million businesses worldwide, and leads the industry in small-to-medium business data, with 15M+ verified businesses, 26M+ business identities, 121M+ active tradelines and 1,600+ credit attributes.

Any data, any CRM, anytime. What’s not to love?

Credit, sales and collections aligned on 
the platform you already use

BusinessConnect integrates into your existing CRM so there’s no need to worry about additional server hardware or software.


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