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Sometimes you need the power of a superhero to save the day when a customer relationship is on the bubble and revenue is on the line. Good news: BusinessConnect arms you with the insight to turn collections conflicts into a big win for the customer and your organization.

A cloud-based application that aligns sales and marketing with credit and collections, BusinessConnect integrates with Salesforce.com and other leading CRMs to streamline and automate collections, helping you collect recoverable debt faster.

BusinessConnect also exposes potential risk by using consumer and commercial data from any provider to flag potentially problematic customer information. Track and analyze your AR data at the individual or portfolio level and collaborate with Sales and Credit to resolve payment disputes and reduce bad debt write-offs.

Key Features of BusinessConnect:

  • Real-time collections call prioritization;
  • Automated account monitoring;
  • Automated dunning notices and promise-to-pay tracking;
  • Configurable templates and letterhead;
  • Dispute and deduction management;
  • Real-time reports and dashboards;
  • Collections cash forecasting;

See how BusinessConnect can help you reduce DSO and bad debt, reduce manual workload and increase cash flow.

Be a collections superhero with BusinessConnect

BusinessConnect integrates into your existing CRM so there’s no need to worry about additional server hardware or software.


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