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Forget re-keying data for the Credit department. Don’t shuffle emails to complete a credit application or wait for Credit to return a decision. Never lose a customer because you couldn’t close the sale fast enough. BusinessConnect is a cloud-based application that integrates with Salesforce.com and other CRMs to align sales, credit and collections functions on a single platform.

Key BusinessConnect Sales Features:

  • One-click new account credit decisioning;
  • Mobile-enabled for instant credit decisions at the point-of-sale;
  • Online credit applications with e-Signature;
  • Visibility into credit usage and past-due invoices to help avoid account disruptions;
  • "Follow" customer information in real-time and collaborate across departments for better account management.

See how BusinessConnect can help you speed sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Do more of what you do best: 
Close sales, efficiently and effectively.

BusinessConnect integrates into your existing CRM so there’s no need to worry about additional server hardware or software.


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