The US Outbound Travel in 2016 white paper addresses not only the overall outlook for the US outbound traveler but analyzes them at a detailed level. This white paper brings together IXITM Services’ proprietary data, providing insight on more than 120 million US households, with EyeforTravel’s industry insights, to provide an assessment of core groups of regular US outbound consumers. 

Marketers can gain significant insights from segmenting consumers and examining their habits. Segmentation can allow marketers to drill down into consumers’ travel behaviors including a better understanding of purchase history, location and lifestyle habits. It can also provide insight into additional behavioral patterns through which marketing can be implemented. Media consumption, device usage, vacation research channels, shopping habits, leisure activities, and advertising preferences can all be obtained and analyzed to help improve marketing effectiveness.

Many of these facets of the US outbound traveler are detailed here. If you want to improve your customer identification, relevancy and segmentation to reach frequent US travelers then this is a business-critical white paper.


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Optimize your marketing with an in-depth look at US international travelers
US Outbound Travel in 2016
Forecasts, Consumer Profiles, Spending Patterns and Key Segments
In conjunction with EyeforTravel
Our “Consuming on Credit” segment plans trips in less than 3 months (47%). And 72% like to return to their favorite destinations. 
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